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Garden Design

Garden Design is the art and process of designing and creating plans for the layout and planting of a garden.
A garden could be in the design and form of, A formal garden, A naturalistic garden, a cottage garden, a native garden, a residential garden, and more...
A garden design could be one style, or also a mix of styles in harmony!

Maison Lumen de Lumine work by the overall holistic method that could use one or all garden styles to empathize and enhance the final excellence of your garden!

We have the expertise for the best quality of plants, Visual objects,  knowledge of suitable organic materials, understanding of choosing The right color palette, enhancement by the light, optional sound, and the variety of shapes and delightful fragrances to make the environment more memorable.

The meaning of a Holistic Garden is a practical approach to pursue a way of gardening that benefits the mind and the spirit as much as the body, and the garden itself.

In short terms it is;


A sanctuary for plant-life


a peaceful, luxury and harmonized place for you!

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Do you have an estate, A residential or private domestic garden that you need help to design and transform to your dream garden?

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