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Floral Design

Our expertise to understand each public and/or private location and to create the optimal display with color, form, and fantasy is a particular specialty of Maison Lumen de Lumine.

A must-have if you’re looking to take full advantage of the experience the audience and/or private individual will archive through the eye of photography expertise and professionalism.

With a long global and extensive experience within the creative fields as a professional fashion photographer, image artist, creative curator, florist, and herbalist as a background, Jenny Lexander, and her hand-picked team understand how much people appreciate the beauty of an environment surrounded by nature in the form of plants, flowers, and visual imagery.

Maison Lumen de Lumine has the expertise and know-how to project manage and perform a flower experience that both enhances and contributes to both the interior and/or exterior event.

Do you have an event, exhibition, store, or public place that needs a floral installation?

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